Nathalie Sevikian


I am born in the South of France. My sun sign is sagittarius with Aquarius as ascendant. Fire and air…I grew up by the Mediterranean sea. My mom is from Provence and my dad was born in Marseilles from Armenian parents.

My heart is full of sun, I like the taste of sea salt, the smell of pine trees, the feel of sand under my feet. I love olive trees, mimosas, sun flowers, cherry and almond tree when they blossom. I am addicted to olive oil and all varieties of mediterranean food seasoned whith thyme, rosemary and garlic. I am sensitive to colors, textures, fabrics, interested in all natural elements beautifully created by nature like seeds, leaves, shells, flowers and STONES. I like fashion but I set my own personal fashion style. I only wear dresses and heals. My favourite color is black, so chic.

My high interest for jewelry came early. My dad would always check the windows of jewelry shops. His grand father was an armenian goldsmith so that might have something to do with it. Obviously I got it under my skin from the very beginning…but it took some years before I decided to become who I am. I set myself free from traditional jewelry. I am always looking for uniqueness. Given my passion for stones and diamonds in particular, I attended the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp, Belgium.

Then, I learned from scratch all facets of the art of jewelry making. I design jewelry in my head and select the best goldsmiths to make it. I was re-born in 2006.

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