Nathalie Sevikian


Timeless. For ever trendy because outside of trends. Gold and diamond jewelry is not disposable, it’s there to last and should by essence be timeless. Reaching that level would be an honor and it is one of my creative goal.

Innovative, pure, emotional. I get inspired by anything and it is more likely to be from things which have nothing to do with jewelry. I do not start from a technical perspective because it not my background and if I come up with an idea then I then look into technical feasibility. What I want to catch is on the contrary the strength and emotion given by simplicity. My pieces of jewelry should come as evidence. Apparent simplicity requires perfection. Simplicity leads to raw emotion.

Sensual. My jewelry exists to stimulate all senses and become part of the person, part of the personnality and intimacy. There is what we see, how it feels on the skin, what we hear when it moves.

Premium quality. I select the premium quality material and the best goldsmith.

It’s like cuisine. There is no great dish without the combination of the quality of the products, the creativity and innovation, the technical skills of the chef, the presentation and the taste. Then it becomes an emotional experience.

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